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Angela Zajic

Angela Zajic

Angela Zajic Boldwyn  was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe. At a young age Angela could do all art forms, Drawing, Singing and Dancing. 

Angela performed for a professional company at 5 years old and continued on her artistic journey throughout her life. With Her Aunt being a famous opera singer Dolora Zajick and her Uncle was an accomplished artist, and many performers in the family you could say it comes in her blood. Her child Aurora is also a professional theater performer, and a Barber in Portland Oregon. 

 Angela started doing hair coloring and wedding hair in 2003 and owns two successful salons in Lake Tahoe where she can create Art on her guests. Angela Also over the span of 24 years has taught dance to many Kids in The Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas. 

Like most people, Covid brought many back to the true things that matter most, for her that is ART. 

Her businesses are very busy in summers so she stays in Tahoe, and Fall- Spring she joins her entrepreneur husband Charles in New Port Beach and creates Art. 

Angela is most known for her paintings of faces and abstract textured pieces, and her creative way of recycling old paintings into something new with texture.