Collection: WEDDINGS

The Artistic Journey Unveiled Immerse yourself in the unique experience of having the bride painted as a living canvas. Hugo Rivera's expressive style captures the essence of the moment, turning it into a beautiful performance art piece.

Expressive Style & Flawless Technique Hugo's unparalleled talent and skill bring life to the canvas. Each stroke tells a story, reflecting the emotions, joy, and beauty of your special day. Witness the magic unfold as your love story is painted in real-time.





Augmented Reality Showcase

Step into the future of wedding artistry with our augmented reality showcase. Watch as the painted masterpiece comes to life, adding a new dimension to your cherished moments. The art becomes an interactive experience, making your wedding truly extraordinary. Your Love Story, Illustrated.

 Download the Artivive upp and direct your phone to the painting next to the QR code and have the augmented reality experience.