Nzephany Madrigal'Uzoka - Queen Mother Idia of Benin

Etching on Black wood panel.
This piece was inspired by a Benin Ivory and iron inlay mask of Queen Mother Idia, the first Iyoba of the 16th century Benin Empire. My interpretation of the subject matter was done on a piece of shelving furniture that was discarded and left as rubbish. The panel spoke to me and I listened. I took it home, gave it a thorough wash, dried and aged it until it was really for my intentions. Because of the platform on which I was etching, I wanted it to come across as gritty and coarse; something that resembled an artifact discovered from a dig. The piece took some time to finish as a result of the labouring details incorporated to bring about its stylized overall appearance.
16 x 21.5 inches