Souzan Zargari

Souzan Zargari is an Abstract Expressionist Painter & Sculptor. She is a creator of her paintings, sculptures by her imaginations. Behind of all her art work there is a story to tell about love & Hope, happiness & peace. Her paintings & sculptures express her emotions. Sun & light are important elements in her paintings. She was born in Iran & lived there until she moved to Los Angeles in 2005. After high school, she completed a two-year course in graphic design and a seven-year course in painting and sculpture in a private art institute with well known art professors (Ali Rezaei and Ali Faramarzi) in Iran. She has had several exhibitions in Tehran, Iran. Also she has exhibited in Los Angles, Orange County fnie art, Studio Gallery, Sand Ston GAllery and Qurom Gallery in Laguna Beach. She is a member of Orange County fine art & Laguna Beach Artists. She has a lot of stories to tell regarding her art journey. Hopefully you will enjoy her art work.