Sarvi Mostafavi

Sarvenaz Mostafavi, better known by her nickname Sarvi, is an Iranian-American artist from Tehran, Iran. At the young age of 6, Sarvi tragically lost her mother in a fatal car accident. As a source of therapy, her brothers and sisters decided to send her to formal art classes, where she would discover her passion for art and develop a talent in painting and creating sculptures. Sarvi never turned down an opportunity at art expositions, winning first place in nearly all of the competitions. Her talents were so remarkable that she was admitted to the prestigious Behzad School of Fine Arts, where she graduated in 1978.

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As a result of the Iranian Revolution, Sarvi immigrated to the United States to continue her education and pursue her dreams as an artist. She attended Palomar Art School, where she quickly mastered the difficult art of bronze sculpting and impressed her professors with her exceptional work. It was during this period that her professors would encourage her to pursue a career and begin selling her artworks. Today, she is a well-respected abstract artist, showcasing her works at Boehm Gallery, Siamak Gallery, Abra Gallery, Art Beat, and at PARS Equality Center events.

Through extensive traveling in various European countries, Sarvi was intrigued and fascinated by the rich and beautiful world of art; particularly by the artworks of Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. Sarvi has created over 500 artworks that include oil paintings, bronze sculptures, glass etchings, and even jewelry designs. It can be argued that her influences are reflected in all of her works, but with a modern Middle Eastern twist. Sarvi says that her artworks embody the definition of “love and freedom”.