Michelle Louise

Local Artist Michelle Louise, is originally from Ireland, the land of forty shades of green!

As Michelle’s mother was an artist Michelle explored with paints and was involved in the artistic process from a very early age. Being surrounded by vibrant colors and textures of her mum’s work as well as the land and sea,Michelle’s artistic senses were awakened.

Michelle is also a gifted horsewomen. Her career as an equestrian has brought her all over the world. Riding at the highest levels brought Michelle respect in the international horse show world.

Michelle is very grateful that her decades with horses led her to be in nature every day. Living and taking care of horses immersed
her in the four seasons and the cycle of life.

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The equestrian lifestyle enabled Michelle to feel the elements on her skin and experience the incredible color palate of the sky, ocean and countryside. She studied the intricacies of texture and light.

Her eyes, became her personal lens to the world, etching the brilliant visual moments into her memory. Her perception of our magnificent world has become Michelle’s inspiration in creating her unique art.

In 2010 Michelle Louise had exhibits in Virginia followed by exhibits in Florida in 2017. She also created many pieces for REH Interiors/Restyle Home Staging which owner Margaret Schaffer who appeared on Million dollar listing Miami.

Michelle is excited to meet and explore Southern California’s art scene. Michelle always paints to music, which encourages her hand to dance onto canvas creating a unique story within every piece.

Exploring the depths of texture and harmonious color, Michelle’s paintings awaken our senses and the curiosity in all of us.