Marci Ziff

How it began…

I never thought of becoming an artist of any kind. So, while living in South Carolina a friend and I started a purse business. We ordered 500 black purses and we were going to have an artist paint them and then sell them. When we soon realized this business idea wasn’t ideal, I started painting them myself. I gave them away to people who are not typically noticed in society–people who worked in restaurant kitchens, cashiers, home care workers, etc.

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After that, I bought some canvases and paint and just started painting. The brighter the color the more I liked it.I don’t typically use a brush for my paintings. I use my fingers, drip the paint, spill it, splatter it or use arbitrary objects as painting tools.

Painting has changed my life. It gives me peace and brightens my day.

I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it.