Joanna Brzostowska

It is my pleasure to present you my paintings, inspired by the world that surrounds me: that of flora and landscapes basking in the sun. My signature style, created to convey the richness and colors of my surroundings, combines different brush strokes and thick layering of oil and acrylic paints.

I am a recognized contemporary artist living in Warsaw, Poland. I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland and received my degree in 1979. Since then, my paintings have been frequently exhibited in Poland and other parts of Europe, the USA and in Australia. My paintings may be found in personal collections across Europe, the USA, Australia and in Japan.

It is my hope and desire that you will inspired by the images that my artwork depicts.

With warmest regards,

Joanna Małgorzata Brzostowska


  • 07.2015- Exhibition in Community Centre – Powsin /Poland
  • 05.2015 – Exhibition in Diamonds International Centre – Warsaw
  • 2013-2014 – Permanent Exhibition in author gallery Warsaw ul. Czerniowiecka 4A.
  • 02.2013 – Exhibition in private residence, Los Angeles, USA.
  • 2010-2013 Permanent Exhibition – Galery CKR Konstancin / Poland
  • 07.2012 – Exhibition Brisbane, Australia
  • 2010-2011 Exhibition in author Gallery AVE – Konstancin – Poland
  • 04.2011 Exhibition in CKR Konstancin/Poland
  • 10.2010 Exhibition in Regional Museum in Piaseczno – Poland
  • 03-04.2009 Exhibition “Gardens and Grasslands” in Konstancin
  • 02.2010-Present Ongoing exhibition in my author gallery, Galeria AVE Konstancin
  • 03-04.2009 Exhibition in USA in Seattle at Local Color Art
  • 09-10.2006 Exhibition in USA in Seattle at Café Flora
  • 08.2005 Exhibition in USA in Los Angeles
  • 2004-Present Ongoing exhibition in my author gallery, Galeria Konstancin Joanny M. Brzostowskiej
  • 2004-2005 My paintings used in filming of the Polish movie ‘Pensjonat pod Różą’
  • 2002 – 2006 Exhibitions at the American Embassy and Chopin International Airport, Warsaw
  • 2001 Exhibition in ARKA Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2000 Exhibitions in:
    • Art Novum Gallery, Warsaw
    • Art ZPAP Gallery Sukiennice, Cracow
    • Art Bistro de Paris Opera, Cracow
    • Art ARKA Gallery, Warsaw
  • 1999 Exhibition in:
    • Art Bistro de Paris Restaurant, Warsaw
    • Art Business Center Aktyn, Warsaw
    • Art Gamma Due Gallery, Warsaw
    • 1998 Exhibition in Glaza Expo Design Gallery, Gdansk
  • 1997 Exhibition in:
    • Art ARKA Gallery, Warsaw
    • Art MITO Gallery, Warsaw
  • 1995 Exhibitions in:
    • Art The Katarzyna Napiórkowska Art Gallery, Warsaw
    • Art Zapiecek, Warsaw
    • Art MITO Gallery,Warsaw
    • Art ARKA Gallery, Warsaw
    • Art Praska, Warsaw
    • Art De Nuo, Warsaw
    • Art Canaletto, Warsaw
    • Art Triada, Sopot
    • Art Glaza, Gdansk
    • Art Sukiennice Gallery, Cracow
    • Art YAM Art Gallery, Zakopane
  • 1994 Exhibition at ARKA Gallery, Warsaw
  • 1992 Exhibition at TOP CAR exhibition hall, Warsaw
  • 1991 Exhibition at The Beata Szubska’s Gallery, Warsaw
  • 1990 Exhibition at The Stork Gallery, Rouen, France
  • 1989 Private exhibitions, France (Fontenay, Cannes, Paris) and Germany (Hamburg, Cologne)
  • 1988 Exhibition at Grand Hotel Art Gallery, Cracow
  • 1986 Exhibition at Art Gallery, Kazimierz Dolny


  • Masters of Arts, Painting and Sculpture, June 1979
    Department of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture, ASP, Wroclaw, Poland
  • Masters of Education, June 1979
    College of Education, Wroclaw, Poland


  • Currently managing author gallery, Galeria Konstancin Joanny Malgorzaty Brzostowskiej
  • Merchandise my art and organize my own exhibitions
  • Lecturer in Art Therapy at the University of Warsaw
  • Art Therapist at the Rehabilitation and Education Center, Konstancin
  • Served as assistant to the President of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs Organization
  • Cooperated with the Wroclaw Branch of “Workshop of Monuments Restoration” (PKZ) in post renovation and maintenance of ‘Panorama Raclawicka”, 1983. Subsequently promoted to the position of Director of Sculpture Maintenance Workshops where I managed a group of 60 artists.
  • Cooperated with “Workshop of Arts” (PSP) Enterprise in designing exhibits in Poland and abroad; tourism fairs, Copenhagen; computer fairs, Moscow
  • Participated in “Konfrontacje ‘79”, a collective exhibition
  • Participated in organizing a number of exhibitions in Warsaw, Poznan and Wroclaw, Poland, 1980