Holly Buffum

Art helps give shape to cultural change by expanding people’s understanding of oneself and others. It can bring unity, in light of the differences or boundaries we face. Human behavior, relationships, and scripture inspire the inward significance throughout the body of my work.

The various mixing of media like photography, paper sculptures, ink, chalk pastel, watercolor, and acrylic paint, allow me endless possibilities of creation. I create every piece with different elements intended to entice an experience and interaction with the viewer, such as reflective paints or finishes, multiple layers, and detailed textures. The aesthetic of each piece displays a beautiful relationship with changing light. By using conceptual content with bold colors and strong composition, my work becomes a statement piece.

Therefore I chose to make engaging statements, which inspire and empower people. My subject matter represents qualities of love, support, strength, and compassion. The intention is to inspire personal growth in the viewers by challenging their thoughts and perspectives.