Carrie Cowan-Rawls

I am a native Southern Californian that has always been drawn to the creative arts. I attended FIDM in Los Angeles where I received a degree in Interior Design. As I worked as an interior designer I became drawn more to the backgrounds, creating interest in the juxtaposition of textures and colors. This interest took me into painting and creating textures for my clients which then developed into murals in living rooms, ceilings and children’s spaces. I worked as a muralist and decorative painter in Laguna Beach throughout my sons’ school years. After my two sons graduated high school I took a break from painting and pursued another passion, health & wellness. I taught yoga and pilates for almost 10 years. It was in an advanced yoga training session that my painting spark was ignited again; my yoga mentor had me paint to reveal my emotions. I was hooked again and knew I was supposed to paint again.

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My yoga practice has given me the courage and strength to pursue what comes naturally to me, create. I have attended many workshops in the past three years in all types of mediums which allows me to use and apply whatever material or technique needed to express the emotion, mood or vision I want to convey at that moment. My work always has a story. I don’t make a plan for my work, which can be frustrating, but that’s when my courage and trust in the process comes into play. My work has many layers, just as in life. Everyday is new, we just keep building on each layer, sometimes peeling off a layer to reveal what’s underneath, sometimes covering up a layer, only we know what’s underneath, unless we choose to reveal it.