Alanna Hamilton

Alanna Hamilton was born in Ukraine to well-educated and creative parents. Her father was an inventor and engineer, who was constantly coming up with ideas on how to improve anything he touched from vehicles and tools to art palettes and toys. Her mother was an engineer who worked on air conditioning systems on cargo ships. Her mother was always supporting Alanna’s interest in art.

Growing up in a creative family, Alanna decided to get her master’s degree in fine art in Kiev State University, which she successfully graduated from in 2004.

Alanna immigrated to the Unites States 12 years ago with her dream to paint and express herself through art. She is getting her inspiration while traveling (she visited 32 countries so far), walking along the ocean or relaxing at her backyard in Newport Beach.

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Her art work is a lovely blend of the contemporary and abstract. A form of mixed media designed to influence our subconscious desires to promote love and understanding. Each piece is influenced by emotions and feelings and is brought to life on canvas. When words are so often overused and can lose their meaning, she is able to share her expression of herself and the world around using her artwork. Alanna’s style implies beach peace and freedom and manifests joy and happiness.

Being and active and artistic person Alanna implemented her skills in designing houses, home flipping and home remodeling. She earned a reputation of a designer with stylish approach and unique taste which she transforms to her art.

Alanna had a privilege to exhibit her artwork in SOBECA Art district in Costa Mesa. She is currently looking for options to expand her presence in the art world and share her vision of art with public.