Born and raised Texan in 1965, now a Huntington Beach, CA resident, the self taught, Native American artist is the creator of TAVi Art. His whimsical style and use of ‘puffy paints’, acrylics and resin create works that embody his love of color. Wanting his audience to feel a wide gamut of emotions and feelings, the characters TAVi has created are muses for bringing the power and experience of emotions and feelings on canvas. Admiration for Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Picasso have influenced the portrayal of his unique style. For TAVi, “Color is Freedom”.

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LagunaArt.com gallery (Laguna Beach, CA) Nov. 2018-present: (current sales $9,500).

The Dark Emporium (Long Beach, CA) 2019

Gallery 104 (New York, NY) 2019

Weekends Only Gallery (Phoenix, AZ) 2010-2013: (sales $150,000 in 3 years).

Pop Art Gallery (Santa Fe, NM) 2010-2011: (sales $6,000).


Art Institute of Chicago. 1986-1988

Pan-American University (Edinburg, TX) 1984-1988