Sheryl Sauer

My sense of observation and sensitivity to my surroundings has always been paramount to receiving inspiration to paint, to write, to learn and to love. One does not have to seek inspiration; one just has to be available to this intangible, yet mind-expanding, feeling to show up.

My world of ever-evolving creativity, where I am not constricted by boundaries, where imagination takes me on journeys that far exceed by fantasies. Once I was a realist, interpreting and painting what I saw in the form of landscapes, seascapes, flowers, still-life, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed this type of painting, however, today there is a freedom, a joyful release – an unknown – in my works of art. It is called “intuitive” painting. It is intuitive because my artistic objective is to be completely receptive to my Creator’s direction, being sensitive and open to all that exists in the Universe. Through this consciousness I become the co-creator and can take little credit for what is expressed in the final product. I am fully aware now that I did not choose to become an artist; becoming an artist was my destiny.