Sharon D’Amico

Painting with Light: Photographs from Nature

I love being surrounded by nature and am often astonished by its beauty. As a photographer, I continue to be humbled by the fact that I do nothing but to notice it.

Here at Hugo Rivera Gallery, I am introducing a technique that I’ve developed and refined over the last ten years. Composing the scene while holding and moving the camera, I blend what is visually before me with what I feel is the essence of that moment to ‘paint’ the image. My intention is to co-create—along with nature—a kind of poetry of light.

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I’ve tried to create photographs that capture that fleeting moment in time when light falls a certain way: colors explode over the land, sea and sky or form and texture are strikingly revealed.

With several of these images, I tried to capture the power and majesty of the ocean roaring before me. In others, I wanted to convey a certain peace that nature can bring, often at twilight, as earth turns to the light of day or the dark of night.

The Photographs

Sharon offers these photographs framed and unframed in a variety of sizes, including custom sizes.

These photographs are fully archival, museum quality, fine art creations, and I actively oversee the production process.

In producing these photographs, I chose to utilize the highest quality, state-of- the-art materials available. The photographs are printed on metallic exhibition paper. They are then face mounted with museum grade acrylic with polished edges, mounted on Dibond backing, attached to an aluminum subframe and are ready to hang.

The museum grade acrylic is the finest face mounting available. It offers 99% UV protection, is abrasion resistant, anti-reflective, anti-static (for ease of cleaning) and shatter resistant.

With minimal care, these photographs will last for generations.


All “Painting with Light” photographs are Open Editions and are titled and signed by Sharon on print verso. Every photograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The watermark that is visible on the photographs online will not appear on the front of the photograph.

Images are printed on demand and are personally inspected by Sharon to ensure the highest quality possible. Every effort will be made to deliver your order within three weeks. If, due to Sharon’s travel schedule, there is a delay we’ll contact you.

As described in her ‘About’ tab, the museum acrylic protecting your photograph is the finest acrylic glazing on the market. The antireflective coating is engineered for superb optical clarity, durability, and strength. Its 99% UV protection helps protect art from fading by blocking harmful light rays, preserving art for many years longer than regular acrylic.

Unframed prints are printed on archival metallic paper. Sharon highly recommends that you frame your print using conservation quality materials. She includes a Care and Framing Guide with your print.

The photographs will be packaged so that they are fully protected and will be shipped via FedEx. Museum acrylic pieces will be packaged in a box or wooden crate, depending on size. Unframed prints are rolled in a cushioned tube. Larger unframed prints are also boxed for added protection. Please note pricing below does not include your cost for shipping and taxes.

Please note that custom sizes can be made to order. Inquire here at the gallery or contact Sharon at 425.827.8910 or at



Print sizes are approximate based on the image or format. Prices are based on the measure of the longest side in inches. The shorter side height or width depends upon the format or the crop of the image.

Size: 18″x12″
Framed with Museum Acrylic: $750
Unframed Prints: $250

Size: 24″x16″
Framed with Museum Acrylic: $1,300
Unframed Prints: $425

Size: 24″x18″
Framed with Museum Acrylic: $1,500
Unframed Prints: $500

Size: 24″x28″
Framed with Museum Acrylic: $2,500
Unframed Prints: $850

Size: 24″x32″
Framed with Museum Acrylic: $2,500
Unframed Prints: $850

Size: 36″x24″
Framed with Museum Acrylic: $2,800
Unframed Prints: $950

Size: 45″x30″
Framed with Museum Acrylic: $4,400
Unframed Prints: $1,500

Size: 60″x40″
Framed with Museum Acrylic: $7,800
Unframed Prints: $2,600

Size: 72″x48″
Framed with Museum Acrylic: $10,600
Unframed Prints: $3,600

Prints are available in various sizes and pricing. See the “Size Options & Pricing” tab above.