I am a Spanish artist.

My artistic beginnings have been linked to sports, artistic swimming. In it I was able to express myself with my whole body and create with it in the water. I am a world medalist in this discipline.

Later I continued my training in architecture at the Barcelona school. Architecture has given me part of the foundations of what I am today.

Years later I came to the USA to be part of Cirque du Soleil in the “O” show, there I expanded and all the art that had been forming within me for a long time emerged. I created my own act for one of the shows that Cirque du Soleil organizes with the artists and I also specialized as a painter.

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My work is inspired and based on recognizing myself and expressing what I am. In discovering the multidimensional universe where we live and understanding that in life the only thing that really exists is love, truth and joy. I put all my intention of love in each stroke, that good energy remains and is what the work gives off. Through her, I also express my truth. Observe the forms and discover what they want to tell us, at the same time it is the truth that each one creates in conversation with her. And finally the color brings joy. Color balances us, expands us and speaks to us symbolically of our feelings.

My goal is to express myself in my totality, to give everything that I am to the world. Bring love, truth and joy to all that is.

Thank you,