Jose Garay

Jose Garay is a licensed attorney in the state of California who starting painting late in life and is self-taught. When asked to describe his art, Jose refers to the works as “Brilliance” but not as a reference to his abilities with a brush, more a reference to his color choices. In the vein of Chagall and other masters, Jose Garay has developed a unique and powerful style that is driven by his color and texture choices along with an appealing composition in the works. The subjects of his paintings range from still life vases to Sports and outdoor life and nature. The works invoke a strong sense of movement and energy. Jose believes that even a still life canvas can be instilled with kinetic energy.

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To emphasize a sense of locomotion in in his art, Jose uses paint to convey a sense of dimension, effect, and presence. The texture and tone Jose utilizes in paint is best appreciated up close as the paint comes alive almost leaping off the canvas.

Jose began his career as an artist in 2007 following a traumatic experience and has continued to paint to this day. The first few years were sporadic as Jose worked to find his niche. In 2013 Jose began to increase the number of works he was producing and now has an impressive collection of abstract mixed media figurative works.

Jose was born in Jerez, Zacatecas Mexico and migrated to the United States when he was 6. Jose comes from a large family and has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. While many parents might encourage their adult son or daughter to seek success in a sound profession such as a law practice, Jose’s father during his last days before passing, encouraged his son to pick up the paint brush and abandon law.