Dutch Montana

Dutch Montana is an award winning abstract expressionist artist painting California Coastal landscapes, pop-art style minimalist art and artistic flags. His creation of The Unity Flag in his Flag Series became a symbol of inclusiveness and a favorite in corporate America. His flags have been collected by significant private collectors in Silicon Valley, Los Anglees, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Arizona, Texas, and Virginia. His creation of the “Lucky 7 Palms” Series has become a favorite with commercial interior designers for major hotels and casinos and he has been commissioned to create large versions of the Lucky 7 Palms in custom colors for fine homes throughout America. The Laguna Beach Canyon Series, begun in 2020, is becoming a collector favorite with its use of striking colors, color breaks, the depiction of canyon walls with blue sky and sunset colors often with his signature iridescent gold sun in the corner and his unique palm trees which reflect the golden sunshine.