Deborah Harper

Deborah is a prophetic/healing artist whose art is remarkable and uncommon. Her truly unique pieces cry out to each it’s owner.

Deborah was born in Long Beach California. She grew up with a family that was rich in art. Her grandmother was a beautiful pastel artist, and her great uncle Fred Locher was self-taught and became a famous cartoonist working for the Hearst Newspaper. His most memorable character was Cicero Sap. Deborah like her great Uncle Fred was mostly self-taught. Deborah’s parents owned a picture frame business that thrived and served the Laguna Beach artists. Deborah remembers sweeping saw dust, gluing velvet liner by hand, helping mom with the financial books and delivering frames to the Sawdust festival, and homes of the artists.

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As a high school senior Deborah received a prestigious Technical Art Scholarship from Rockwell International, which also came with a job upon graduating. She started her graphic arts career at Rockwell International where she worked in the presentation art department. At that time Rockwell was working on winning contracts for the space shuttle Challenger. Which they did. She also worked at Mattel Toys for a time and furthered her career as a Graphic Designer.

Unfortunately unforeseen circumstances and a very bad ankle injury kept her from using her art scholarship towards her fine arts degree as she had planned. Deborah had to depend on working as a graphic artist in the field to sharpen her art skills.

During the time Deborah’s two beautiful daughters were young, she put her art skills to work as a quilt artist and teacher. Her quilts made it into the world renowned Houston International Quilt show. She also had the privilege to design a quilt for a local church. When the quilt went to auction it brought $32,000 that was used solely for their missions project. Deborah has taught quilting for decades and has even used quilt art as a disciplinary tactic. Her young quilt making daughters formed a quilting bee of their own and their quilting bee ended up being featured on the TV show Nick News. Her idea of using quilting to learn to better follow directions were not easily forgotten after that fun and creative experience.

In more recent years Deborah has shifted her focus to “Prophetic Healing Art”. In her Prophetic Art, her primary medium is water color. While the process might seem quite simple, it is really quite involved. Deborah teaches her unique approach and techniques in her classes, and her art has extraordinaire results. Below is a glimpse of why her process and art is so unique.

First, she places her paper, water and most importantly herself in a worship filled atmosphere (Most often this is a church service… ). Then with paint and brushes ready, she waits on God to give her inspiration and revelation by giving her a picture, color or impression. She paints what she sees, when she sees it, as close to the divine inspiration as she can, and she rarely knows what she will be painting until she is done. On occasion she paints with two hands and now and then she paints multiple paintings at the same time.

Combining her graphic arts skills and her prophetic art Deborah creates truly one of kind children books. These rare books are created one by one for each specific child.

Deborah confesses that the best part of every painting is the personal experience she has with the Living God who is her “personal” art teacher. Deborah believes painting this way develops way more than painting. It brings forth emotional, spiritual, and physical healing for her, as well as for those who experience her paintings. Through this process, Deborah’s art has personally developed from lines, squiggles and colors, to beautiful, meaningful art pieces.

The result of Deborah’s art has been astonishing and unique. She has had amazing reports from those who have experienced her art. Many people have reported emotional healing by just watching her paint. Recently, a woman came up to Deborah after she had finished painting and reported that as Deborah was painting she felt that God had healed her emotions and she would be able to love again after being divorced for over 17 years. Another person who obtained a painting from Deborah reported that the painting had unseen personal meaning because it depicted a promise they had received from God. They had the painting hanging on their dining room wall, and later reported that the promise came true. The painting had become a true reminder of hope.

Another person who took Deborah’s Healing Art class reported that week after week that their fibromyalgia was improving and the third week the pain was gone!

Deborah’s paintings are alive and are uniquely created. May God bless each one who sees Deborah’s art and may each piece find the person it has been specially painted for.