David Guerrero

Pencil to paper as a child, seemed a natural way to express my thoughts and feelings. Sketching or doodling, it didn’t matter, the movement of the pencil and the sound of the graphite racing seemed to drown out everything else around. The only thing that has changed since then is having an array of tools at my disposal. I look to achieve energy and excitement on canvas through color and movement.

Growing up in the shadows of Dodger Stadium, I came away with an appreciation for nature. The textured rock formations neatly arranged by time and erosion. Elysian Park as my back yard containing forests for my own exploration.

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Trees and landscapes all come from this place. I turn to abstracts for more of a exploration and to break away from rules and what’s wrong or right. My techniques are non conventional and I don’t mind mixing mediums to achieve the look and feel of a piece.

Large works have come to define me. A large canvas will allow me to work without constraints and to achieve the movement I seek. Large works allow the viewer to take a step back and explore the work as intended. The viewer will find many images in my work and they will tell the story they see. I create to share my story of the love for texture and movement.

I believe my artwork conveys a story and a conversation that begs to be had. I pull from many artist. From Picasso, I draw complimentary colors. From Dali, I channel his flare, character and drama. From Bob Ross, I draw humor. My art is not always straight forward, there is some mystery and intrigue. Even when you think you know a painting, if you dig deeper you find new and interesting details. I want people to take a second, third and fourth look into what they think they see. I invite the viewer to get lost in a world that is mine.