Charleine Guy

Charleine Guy is abstract mixed media artist who was born in Québec Canada. Her family immigrated to the United States when she was ten years old. She is the second child of David and Gertrude Guy and has four siblings. Being raised in a large French-Canadian family created an atmosphere of many things for her to experience and visually take in from to create he art. She first started her art journey when she was six at the French convent school’ “Marie Marguerite Bourjeois”. As she grew she excelled in many arts that included Singing, Dancing and especially painting.

As a young girl she had many influences. One large influence in her life was her uncle “Paul Tremble'”, who was a successful oil painter in Quebec. His landscapes of the four seasons were especially influential on Charleine’s young life. After her family migrated to the United States she attended Incarnation grammar school in Glendale Ca. She then attended holy family high school in Los Angeles where she took many art and performing art classes. After high school she got married and started a family. After successfully raising her children she decided to go back to school and major in art in particular, “Abstract and Mixed Media”.

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The Art life has always been a large part of who she is so she and her husband Richard Frederick decided to move to Laguna Beach, Ca and join the art colony. After establishing residency in the city, she applied and was accepted as an exhibitor at the Sawdust Festival where she served on many boards and committees. In the first three years of her time there she used abstract art as her medium. She then added ceramics to her repertoire where she created a series of Raku masks and one of a kind vessels. After years of doing clay she decided to transfer all her time and efforts in painting.

As she easily suffers from boredom and is forever evolving, she then decided to change her medium and began to do impressionist art and continued to do so successfully for fifteen years. Today she feels as the world is constantly changing her visual journey is transforming her work and has evolved into a new genre of art. Collage abstraction work of mixed media has become her new passion and interest in her life’s journey.