Irene Zaragoza

Irene Zaragoza was born in the heart of East LA, Boyle Heights, California. She was raised in a family of artists and musicians. At a young age Irene expressed her talent by playing the clarinet and flute. In her teens she uncovered her aptitude for watercolors and clay. Her art education was executed at: California State University Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Trade Tech. Recently she has added oils to her palette.

Irene also had the opportunity to teach arts and crafts at the Community Development Center in City Terrace. Putting herself in the workplace she began designing logos and business packages, straying away from her ceramics and painting. It wasn’t long that her desire to be one with Mother Nature brought her back to the “earth” working with clay being commissioned to do watercolors. Irene’s art is driven by her ethnic background and soulful passion for the earth.

Her ceramics, watercolors and oils, have been exhibited at O&M Leather, Privately Owned Home Showings, Home Grown Specialty Boutique, Avenues of Art & Design, Kevin Barry Fine Art Gallery, Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Adelante for Hair, Xiem Clay Center, Cahuenga Potters Studio, MOA Studio, and the Music Center.