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Art Statement

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Cynthia Vera


Cynthia Vera is a self-taught artist currently residing in Seattle Washington. Born and raised in the Philippines, growing up, she was mostly inspired by all the paintings her dad painted in dedication for her mother. Thus, she always believed that painting is a form of expression especially an expression of love. She studied psychology and special education in college but she kept her love for painting and the arts by participating in her local art community in Bacolod City, Philippines.



Art Statement

She draws inspiration for her paintings from nature and with a background in psychology she likes to put into canvas the complexity and diversity of human nature through characters in the form of wild animals as the innate self-coexisting with the true self.

Cynthia Vera

Bao Tram

Artist Statement

In practicing one’s art and in living one’s life, there is a point of realization when the inner meaning that defines one’s very existence opens itself up to the artist.  If one is lucky enough to experience this enlightenment only once, that would suffice as is it not the eternal search for the purpose of our lives that drives us once the mundane necessities of life are no longer the objects of our daily worries?  One can equate it to love, perhaps, as love cannot be taught, learned, or absorbed but has to be discovered when one lets go of oneself,  of what is too rigid and formulaic, of, perhaps, what’s is too real, and uncovers the myth of old.  This is a point when the art becomes the artist and the artist becomes the art.  Bao Tram is the art that she portrays

Bao Tram’s family immigrated to the United States in the late 80s from Vietnam.  Her father, though an artist himself by trade, had to face the reality of his new life and the challenges of making a living to support his family.  Perhaps this experience influences him to advise Bao Tram to pursue a career in the healthcare field for a more stable occupation.  However, from a young age, Bao Tram developed a strong interest in art.  This visceral attraction would eventually serve as a focus of strength to guide her through future turbulent moments in her life.  She first painted from instinct without any formal training, and it was already evident that there was an undeniable talent waiting to blossom.  Subsequently, at Portland State University, she and obtained her art degree.  Her professor would endow her with a loving but elucidating title – “an abuser of colors”.

Bao Tram focuses on abstract art.  She confides she yearns to escape the rigidity of life, lines, and languid shapes and forms.  She wants to visit the crevices of imagination and explore the infinitude of abstraction where art meets the soul, where she would have a tryst with spirituality.  In contrast to her gentle figure, her strokes are strong and definite.  The paint wanders across the canvas seemingly aimlessly but somehow eventually creating an uncertain purpose.  The paradox that one has to understand to feel comfortable with.  As it is in the nature of abstract art that the viewer is free to imagine, to envision the subjects, to reveal hidden story – that, in itself, is art.

“To see art one needs to become a child again, to rid our soul of its acquired sufferings.” – Dr. Dang Duong


Hugo Rivera

Gallery Owner


Hugo Rivera is a Mexican contemporary, figurative artist. His childhood was shaped by the fact that he was born into an extremely creative family full of singers, musicians, craftsmen  and painters. Not to mention that his father who was a topographer engineer always allowed Hugo Rivera to use his working materials such as pencils, rulers and paper. His father always encouraged him to paint by buying him crayons, colored pencils and drawing paper.

While studying civil engineering in Guadalajara, Mexico and not having too much time and space to paint he would paint on the walls of his bedroom; That’s where he painted his first big mural which was the cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Since then he has a passion to paint on big surfaces.

After graduating as Civil Engineer he relocated to the United States and returned to his passion for fine art.

In 1994 he started working as a muralist, he was commissioned numerous murals and decorative finishes in private residences, restaurants and churches, while he continued to paint on canvas in his spare time. Inspired by great masters like Rufino Tamayo, Diego Rivera and other  artists; Hugo Rivera began experimenting and creating his own individualized style and technique of painting.

Hugo Rivera’s work has been successfully exhibited in many galleries including a permanent exhibition at Museum Vladimir Cora in Nayarit, Mexico. He also has exhibited his art work throughout his local community and at nationally prestigious outdoor juried fairs including the Indian Wells Art Festival in which he won Second Place Award. At San Diego’s original Fine Art Festival where he was honored as a featured artist. At Beverly Hills Art Festival, Malibu Art Festival and La Jolla Festival of Arts. Hugo Rivera was also the recipient of Best Work by a First Year Artist Award in 2013 at the Sawdust Art Festival and from his recent participation at the same festival he won third place for Best Painting Award. Currently, Hugo Rivera is an internationally renowned artist. His work can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide.

Hugo Rivera’s work continues to grow, always finding ways to reinvent himself by coming up with new ideas.

In 1994 Hugo Rivera began working as a muralist. By 2000 he opened a painting studio in Huntington Beach but it wasn’t until 2007 that he decided to focus more time on his painting career. In 2012 Hugo Rivera opened his own gallery  ”Hugo Rivera Gallery” in the city of Laguna Beach (550 south coast Hwy int #3, Laguna Beach CA 92651).

Currently, Hugo Rivera lives in Laguna Beach with his wife Erika and son Diego Rivera.

Art Statement

My art work is a fusion of the abstract world and the traditional methods in art instruction of the human figure where my ideas, emotions, and visual sensations are communicated solely through lines, shapes, colors, and textures that latter will create in my imagination figures that I will pull out from the canvas and make them more visible. In my compositions I have most of the time the female figure because I find it full of emotions and rhythm.

Media Used

Organic lime plaster is made with river lime stones, marble as an aggregate, and water. Lime plaster finishes naturally absorbs carbon dioxide from the air causing the plaster to return to its natural rock state over time creating beautiful frescos traditionally used by Michael Angelo and Diego Rivera.

I create the frescos on wood panels. I combine different colors of lime plaster and by using different spatula sizes, at the same time as I’m drawing, I apply endless coats with dramatic movement achieving and revealing more depth and texture. The look of lime plaster is natural. Its finishes have an iridescence, and translucency that make the finishes look richer.

Since I’m always into having a textured surface, when painting with acrylics, I use very dense paint, almost like lime plaster to create a thick and full texture. I apply the paint with a large flat brush made especially for acrylics; I use the small brushes only for detailed areas.

Painting with acrylics is very similar to painting with lime stone. In both I use a thick paste and my end product is a textured piece of art.


Orange Coast College – Completed courses in Art Design, Art History, Art Education, Art Composition 1991-2011

University of Guadalajara – industrial engineering and art studies 1980-1982

Bachelors in civil engineering (ITESO) 1983- 1987


Hugo Rivera Gallery,  permanent exhibition

550 South Coast hwy, Laguna Beach CA 92651 unit #3

Museum Vladimir Cora, (permanent exhibition)

Jorge Mendez Gallery in Palm Springs (permanent exhibition)

Sawdust festival in laguna Beach 2013-17

Art a Fair in laguna Beach 2012-2017 Booth C-28

Festival Of Arts in Laguna Beach 2015-2016

Festival O Arts South Gallery Feb-Apr 2017

Laguna Beach City Hall apr-may 2016-2017

Beverly Hills Art Festival

Laguna Niguel Design Center ( Fremarc) 2014-current

Sterling BMW February 2017

Bistango In Irvine Oct 2016 – Apr 17

Townley Gallery, Laguna Beach 2008 – may 2012

Trebor/Nevets, Long Beach 2009 – present

Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion OCC2010

Gallery 104, San Clemente 2009

Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion OCC 2009

Golden West College Art Gallery. Fall 2003

Huntington Beach Art Center, 1999

Santora Arts Building, Santa Ana art District 1995

Relevant Experience

The Artist Fund

Face forward. Inc 2008 and 2011


Laguna Coast pilot

Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot

Summer Art Sundays At Fashion Island


OC in

Laguna Art News

Best People Business 

Laguna Beach First Thursdays Artwalk

San Diego Ville

City of Laguna Beach 

FVM a global magazine.  August  2011

ARTWORKS  a voice for the arts.   Summer 2010

Laguna Beach Magazine         September 2010

Laguna Beach Independent   March 26th 2010 arts

Guide to the arts  April 15th




Sawdust Festival


Underground Voices

Artwalk San Diego

Mission Federal Artwalk

La  Jolla Art Festival

Vero Rialto


Festival of the arts 2015,2016

Sawdust Festival 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Art A Fair 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Malibu, Art Festival 2011

Beverly Hills, affaire in the gardens 2010

San Diego, Little Italy Art Festival 2010

Licensing Expo


"Hugo Rivera"

I had the opportunity to paint these murals"Hugo Rivera" at San Francisco de Asis church in winter of 2001

located at 2721 E. Florence ave Huntington Park, CA 90255


Jody Valmassy

Art Statement


Come on a visual journey into an incredibly colorful, vibrant artistic world on canvas…

Jody Valmassy’s contemporary, introspective paintings capture images of people, animals and nature in several layers of fluid motion. A collaboration of transparent and opaque acrylic paint results in a rich background full of depth, dimension and movement.

Her expressive way of painting is a mingling of her many years as a photo-realistic artist and of letting go into a surrealistic atmosphere teetering on the edge of detailed and obscure.

Jody finds this to be a liberating, joyful and expressive way to paint. Creating these textural pieces by using her hands, wooden tools and brushes, a layering of drips, dots, swirls and explosive color develop a platform where ultimately images emerge into fun and exciting multi-dimensional stories on canvas.

These bold paintings create an interactive experience where the viewer can explore the expression of this creative artist.


Viewing Jody Valmassy’s latest work, an energy, passion and vibrancy vibrates from the canvas. Brilliant, explosive colors and a multitude of textural patterns show a glimpse into the mind of this creative artist. Painting in her contemporary/introspective style, Jody draws inspiration from her connection and love of nature melding with a diverse combination of subject matter. Applying the paint directly with her hands, she experiences a tangible and intense connection with her paintings.

“Starting with many layers of color and texture, I begin to feel emotional about the painting. Since I have no preconceived ideas, I allow the images to emerge which I refine by creating depth and sharpening the desired focal points. I am moved to finding faces as they are intriguing and alive. Many pieces have subdued elements which engage the viewers with joyful color, life and lightheartedness. This is an exciting way to paint and I find that every painting is very original, a truly surprising and unique fun piece of art.”

Born in the late 1950’s and being raised in the small California mountain town of Mammoth Lakes, Jody had a childhood filled with outdoor activities and changing seasons. She started skiing at the age of six and spent many hours playing in the snow during the long winters. In the summer, she and her family often went backpacking, camping and picnicking in the backcountry wilderness. As she explored her surroundings, her artist’s eye caught the brilliant and subtle colors of spring, summer and fall and the stark contrast of winter’s snow covered landscapes. Jody was captivated by the patterns and textures of nature. These scenic patterns have been the inspiration for so many of the artistic pieces that she has created.

Growing up, Jody’s family owned and ran a retail sporting goods store where she was introduced to all aspects of the business. Working directly with the public, buying, inventory and accounting instilled a solid work ethic and business knowledge that has proved invaluable to Jody’s art career.

Through the last years of high school, Jody participated in art classes where she experimented with pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic paints, chalk and oil pastels, drawing with charcoal, colored pencils and graphite, working with clay and metal. Her inborn talent coupled with an inherent understanding of the arts had her excelling at a fast pace and graduating top of her class in art.

“I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to go on a fabulous art trip for two weeks up and down the California coast. The experience of plein air painting and diversity of subjects and materials was exponential to my future career as an artist.”

Directly out of high school, Jody moved to a southern California coastal town in North County, San Diego. She studied fine art, illustration and graphic design at Palomar Art College further developing her painting, drawing and compositional skills.

Jody was commissioned for a number of sign projects ranging from painted wood and plexiglass to storefront windows. She learned the art of sandblasting redwood signs which she designed and detailed with hand painted scenes of the local area. The redwood signs transitioned to sandblasting designs on glass. Inspired by this new medium, she started a business creating decorative glass projects, both in fine art designs as well as graphic commercial applications.

“It’s quite like airbrushing on glass,” Jody recalls. “Depending on how the sand is sprayed, a fine gradation can be achieved leaving the completed piece with very delicate and intricate details of soft white on a clear background.”

By the early 1990’s, Jody had a young family. She and her husband decided to sell her glass business and move with their two sons to a small town in the southern California mountains. She found herself drawn toward painting once again, missing the excitement of working with color.

Jody had a number of clients who had asked about hand painted murals and custom specialty finishes for their homes and businesses. Along with being a full time wife and mother, she flawlessly emerged into the next phase of her art career. She was commissioned to paint large wall murals ranging from people and animals to landscapes and architecture including painting the Lincoln Monument set for the television show, Jeopardy. At the same time, she applied her creativity to a line of beautifully painted furniture pieces combining landscape scenes, faux finishes and natural wood which are greatly admired by collectors throughout California.
“I have grown tremendously by painting murals these last 20 years,” Jody reveals. “People have such different ideas of what they want in their environments. It pushed me to paint a diverse array of subjects, enhancing my abilities and confidence.”

Jody had been approached by numerous people about teaching her painting and drawing techniques. By the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, she was holding workshops introducing people to the many artistic mediums familiar to her. She described her approach to drawing and painting, how to look for light and shadow, creating textural designs and developing compositional skills. Working with her students to connect with what they see and then applying it to paper and canvas was a fun challenge and helped Jody articulate and appreciate a deeper understanding of her artistic process.

Today, Jody is enjoying applying paint to canvas. As her career progresses and unfolds, she is inspired by using new painting materials and techniques. Changing her approach to fine art paintings, she has been letting go of her realistic style, emerging into an abstract phase and trusting the process of creative inspiration.

Jody Valmassy

Ronen Pollak

Ronen Pollak’s artistry is an expression of emotion ignited by love, People’s stories, music and all forms of life. Ronen believes that art is not to be choreographed, but rather, it is a freestyle dance, a blending of emotions, senses and intellect. He wants his art to communicate something to the observer that makes sense to them, that moves them, be a story or a mood. A native of Israel, resident of the LA area, and a world traveler, Ronen developed his Abstract Expressionism style, a contemporary movement in art, from his appreciation of diverse cultures, people, genres of music and literature, and landscapes…. Everything that can be experienced can breathe inspiration into creativity of all forms. Acrylics on canvas and wood are Ronen’s preferred mediums from a list of diverse creations with Pen and Ink, Oil and sculpture. Ronen’s work has been shown in galleries throughout, including Beverly Hills, LagunaBeach, Los Angeles, Santiago Chile, and Israel, his work has sold in London, Sidney, and Tel Aviv and can be viewed on his website – and on his Facebook page.


Ricardo Alberto

Ricardo Alberto is an internationally-recognized artist who specializes in abstract art and uses a wide variety of media to capture the energy, beauty and chaos of both the natural and the manmade world.

Ricardo’s work has been exhibited in local Riverside events and galleries and private collections, including the Division 9 Gallery and Riverside Arts Council’s ArtScape in Riverside, CA; Hugo Rivera in Laguna Beach, Museo Vicus in Piura, Peru (permanent exhibit); Casa de Cultura in Chiclayo, Peru, Camilo Egas Museum in Quito, Ecuador; Casa Patrimonial in Cuenca, Ecuador and New Art Gallery and Casa Murcia in Barcelona, Spain.

He is a trained wood worker, and uses his expertise in resins, dyes and structural design to enhance his artwork.

A world traveler, Ricardo has lived in or visited Peru, London, Spain, China, Dubai, Egypt, Amsterdam, Mexico, India, France, Italy, Austria, both U.S. coasts and several states in between. He has an immense respect and passion for the wondrous diversity of global cultures, and this is reflected in all his collections.


Benjamen Arizmendi

Benjamin Arizmendi is a contemporary expressionist artist with his roots in Mexico City.  He now resides in Oakland California, having spent years living in San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Boston.

Benjamin has exhibited his work in San Jose, San Francisco, Laguna Beach and East Hampton.  He has a large number of individual and corporate collectors and is currently collaborating with Ivette Fuentes, an internationally renowned quantum physicist.  Their collaboration is focused on the relationship between expressionist art, philosophy, and relativistic quantum information, an area of physics that explores the interaction between quantum mechanics and relativity theory.  Benjamin believes that art should not be treated as separate from philosophy and science.  He believes that expressionism is a process of inquiry that can make a significant intuitive contribution to conceptual schemes attempting to describe the formal, physical and ineffable nature of reality.

Drawing on a variety of environments and landscapes, Benjamin’s work represents an attempt to extend external experience to the internal, and back on to the canvas.  A view of the world filtered through dreams and subjective impressions, yet concrete.  As Benjamin describes it, this is an effort to reach into the ineffable.  Something that cannot be written down, or subjected to the hard restraints of science, but which with a bold undertaking might be transmitted to his audience visually.

Benjamin’s world is one of turbid gatherings, of circus performances, of the primordial male and female.  Vertiginous cities and ancient forests mix with pure abstraction.  But always through the lens of the dreamer, rendering each situation central to a common human experience.   The audience in a way omniscient within the bounds of the microcosm depicted.  With each work, a humble hope to achieve a balance of color and composition turned to extract for the viewer a glimpse of the ineffable from both the mundane and the surreal.  After all, the purpose of visual art can be seen as freezing, if only for a moment for the artist’s audience, something that mere description cannot by its own nature accomplish.

In his own words:

“Our subjective, internal experiences are remarkably similar.  But we are unable to easily describe, through language, how those experiences are in fact alike.  We can turn to art as a way to express our commonality.  Art is freedom because it erodes the superficial differences that make us individuals.  Our differences are incidental, trivial, barely relevant to the ineffable.  The ineffable is about what makes us similar, not different.  My work strives to represent the commonality of our mental life and rests upon a conviction that our collective subjective experiences are held together by an undefinable, undeniable source.”

Benjamin attended UCLA, where he graduated with honors in analytical philosophy.  He holds a JD from George Washington University Law School.

You can see more of Benjamin’s Work through:


Instagram:          benjaminarizmendi

Facebook:           Arizmendi Gallery

Facebook:           Benjamin Arizmendi


Holly Buffum

Art helps give shape to cultural change by expanding people’s understanding of oneself and others. It can bring unity, in light of the differences or boundaries we face. Human behavior, relationships, and scripture inspire the inward significance throughout the body of my work.

The various mixing of medias like photography, paper sculptures, ink, chalk pastel, watercolor, and acrylic paint, allow me endless possibilities of creation. I create every piece with different elements intended to entice an experience and interaction with the viewer, such as reflective paints or finishes, multiple layers, and detailed textures. The aesthetic of each piece displays a beautiful relationship with changing light. By using conceptual content with bold colors and strong composition, my work becomes a statement piece.

Therefore I chose to make engaging statements, which inspire and empower people. My subject matter represents qualities of love, support, strength, and compassion. The intention is to inspire personal growth in the viewers by challenging their thoughts and perspectives.

Enrique Brito

Known as “the cosmic Artist,” Enrique Brito paintings reveal a universe where a minuscule atom can harmonize with the vast galaxy. Besides painting, Brito is devoted to sculpture and photography.  He is also a proficient art educator. He has participated in various collective and individual exhibitions in Mexico and in the United States.

Souzan Zargari


Souzan Zargari is an Abstract Expressionist Painter and Sculptor. She is a Creator of her Paintings and Sculptures By her imagination.  Behind of all her art work there is a history to tell about Love and Hope, Happiness and peace. Her Paintings and Sculptures Express her  emotions.  Sun and Light are important elements in her paintings. She was Born in Iran and Lived there until she moved to Los Angeles on 2005.

After high school, she completed a two-years of graphic Design and seven-year course of painting and Sculpture in Private Art Institute With Well Known Art Professors (Ali Rezaei, Ali Faramarzi) in Iran and Several Exhibitions in Tehran/Iran. Also exhibitions in los Angeles, Orange County fine art, Studio Gallery, Sand stone Gallery and Qurom  Gallery(Laguna Beach)..Member of Orange County fine art and Laguna Beach Artist. She have a lots of story to tell on Her Art Journey, hope you enjoy her art work.


Becca Fox

Artist Statement

“I enjoy being playful with the medium and utilize expressive texture, colour, and movement along with dynamic figures to create portraits of human experience and transformation which go deeper than the surface layer”

I believe that fine art can be an ongoing joyful practice and a personal journey of self-exploration. When I paint, I try to give myself room to be playful while continuing to hone my skills in representation and portraiture. Rather than produce portraits of individuals, I am interested in depicting moments of humanity and transformation, whether it be internal struggle, personal growth, passion, finding stillness, or reconnecting with our roots.  I depict dynamic, emotional figures including movements inspired by yoga, dance, and athletics to represent the human body as an expressive tool. The use of texture, color, and movement creates pieces that go deeper than the surface layer.

My figures don’t have titles or names or stories behind them in a traditional sense, because to me, they’re more like feelings. Those very human moments of complex, layered emotions, that are difficult to describe in words. The paintings themselves are layered in texture, from fluid washes up to thick impasto paint.  Vibrant color suggests a look deeper than the surface layer to represent our inner turbulence in a dramatic, visually beautiful way.


Rebecca Fox is a British born artist currently residing in Orange County and specializing in expressive portraits and figurative work.  Her career path was influenced by a well-rounded and supportive family that included creative types like her mother, aunts, and maternal grandfather who was an avid painter and art collector, as well as scientists and engineers like her father and sister.  She has been painting and drawing since childhood where she showed early talent and enthusiasm for portraits and oil, winning awards in school competitions. For several years, she honed her skills under the mentorship and instruction of award-winning Russian painter Tamara Geddes, who passed on a love for rich, vibrant colour. Rebecca has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Nevada, Reno. While working as a software developer and designer, she became an active member of Reno’s underground art scene helping to ignite the city’s revival as a cultural hub.  She now draws inspiration from yoga and dance, the study of which influence both her subject matter and her process.

Selected Shows

2016-2017. Bistango Dining as Art. Irvine, CA

2016 Member Show. “Every Which Way & Then Some,” Showcase Gallery, Santa Ana, CA

2013-2015 Solo. “NadaDada Motel,” Reno, NV

2014 Group. “Generator Open House,” The Generator, Reno, NV

2013 Solo.“Mental Health,” Sheppard Contemporary Gallery, Reno, NV

2012 Group. “BFA Painting Exhibition,” Sheppard Contemporary Gallery, Reno, NV

 Deborah Gardner

Deborah is a prophetic/healing artist whose art is remarkable and uncommon.  Her truly unique pieces cry out to each it’s owner.
Deborah was born in Long Beach California.  She grew up with a family that was rich in art.  Her grandmother was a beautiful pastel artist, and her great uncle Fred Locher was self-taught and became a famous cartoonist working for the Hearst Newspaper. His most memorable character was Cicero Sap.  Deborah like her great Uncle Fred was mostly self-taught.  Deborah’s parents owned a picture frame business that thrived and served the Laguna Beach artists.  Deborah remembers sweeping saw dust, gluing velvet liner by hand, helping mom with the financial books and delivering frames to the Sawdust festival, and homes of the artists.

As a high school senior Deborah received a prestigious Technical Art Scholarship from Rockwell International, which also came with a job upon graduating.  She started her graphic arts career at Rockwell International where she worked in the presentation art department.  At that time Rockwell was working on winning contracts for the space shuttle Challenger.  Which they did. She also worked at Mattel Toys for a time and furthered her career as a Graphic Designer.
Unfortunately unforeseen circumstances and a very bad ankle injury kept her from using her art scholarship towards her fine arts degree as she had planned.  Deborah had to depend on working as a graphic artist in the field to sharpen her art skills.
During the time Deborah’s two beautiful daughters were young, she put her art skills to work as a quilt artist and teacher. Her quilts made it into the world renowned Houston International Quilt show.  She also had the privilege to design a quilt for a local church. When the quilt went to auction it brought $32,000 that was used solely for their missions project.  Deborah has taught quilting for decades and has even used quilt art as a disciplinary tactic. Her young quilt making daughters formed a quilting bee of their own and their quilting bee ended up being featured on the TV show Nick News.  Her idea of using quilting to learn to better follow directions were not easily forgotten after that fun and creative experience.
In more recent years Deborah has shifted her focus to “Prophetic Healing Art”.  In her Prophetic Art, her primary medium is water color.  While the process might seem quite simple, it is really quite involved.  Deborah teaches her unique approach and techniques in her classes, and her art has extraordinaire results.  Below is a glimpse of why her process and art is so unique.
First, she places her paper, water and most importantly herself in a worship filled atmosphere (Most often this is a church service… ). Then with paint and brushes ready, she waits on God to give her inspiration and revelation by giving her a picture, color or impression.  She paints what she sees, when she sees it, as close to the divine inspiration as she can, and she rarely knows what she will be painting until she is done.  On occasion she paints with two hands and now and then she paints multiple paintings at the same time.

Combining her graphic arts skills and her prophetic art Deborah creates truly one of kind children books.  These rare books are created one by one for each specific child.
Deborah confesses that the best part of every painting is the personal experience she has with the Living God who is her “personal” art teacher. Deborah believes painting this way develops way more than painting. It brings forth emotional, spiritual, and physical healing for her, as well as for those who experience her paintings. Through this process, Deborah’s art has personally developed from lines, squiggles and colors, to beautiful, meaningful art pieces.
The result of Deborah’s art has been astonishing and unique.  She has had amazing reports from those who have experienced her art.  Many people have reported emotional healing by just watching her paint. Recently, a woman came up to Deborah after she had finished painting and reported that as Deborah was painting she felt that God had healed her emotions and she would be able to love again after being divorced for over 17 years.
Another person who obtained a painting from Deborah reported that the painting had unseen personal meaning because it depicted a promise they had received from God.  They had the painting hanging on their dining room wall, and later reported that the promise came true. The painting had become a true reminder of hope.
Another person who took Deborah’s Healing Art class reported that week after week that their fibromyalgia was improving and the third week the pain was gone!
Deborah’s paintings are alive and are uniquely created. May God bless each one who sees Deborah’s art and may each piece find the person it has been specially painted for.

Nancy Villere

Compelled by art for most of her life, Nancy Villere of Villere Design has taken her prowess in professional photography to a place of transcendence with her most recent collection of paintings. Her expertise in capturing the female form with a flash has allowed this artist to acutely depict deeply personal renderings of the woman’s body in her compilation of Figurative paintings.

The artist’s personal connection to this particular body of work is a true testament to her devotion to art in every genre as one of the most powerful forms of self- expression and human exploration.

These figures come out of me very organically. I feel like I’ve become a conduit for painting the female form, which is so beautiful, and there are so many ways to express it. I never tire of finding and exploring the beauty in a woman’s shape, whether it’s through painting or photography.” ~ Nancy Villere of Villere Design

A free-spirited, Southern California native with an admirable appreciation for life, Villere has spent much of her successful career focused on capturing inner and outer beauty by providing professional boudoir and commercial photography services through her company Crush Photo Studios. She also shoots magazine covers and fashion editorial spreads for local and national publications, gaining an innate ability to depict the unexpected beauty in each and every subject that comes through her studio. Translating these often-therapeutic experiences from one medium to the next seemed serendipitous and natural to this passionate artist.

I’ve had so many years of looking at light through a lens, understanding that if you can identify and portray light, you can give shape to anything.” ~ Nancy Villere of Villere Design




Instagram: @villeredesign



Carlos Bazan

Carlos Bazán (San Cristobal Suchixtlahuaca, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1993-) is a Mixtec (Oaxaca) painter and muralist. He is known to be one of the promising young artists of plastic oaxacan arts.

Carlos Bazan a Mixtec painter and muralist was born on October 27, 1993 in the town of San Cristóbal Suchixtlahuaca, Oaxaca, in a family of limited resources. He is known to be one of the promising young artists of plastic Oaxacan arts. From infancy to almost a teenager, he had no taste for the fine arts, but his love for art began when he visited the house of culture of San Pablo Teposcula, Oaxaca, and saw a work by the artist Enrique Martorell, right after he started doing graffiti on any street wall.

Trees sticking out of a dense colorful jungle, its roots sink in the space or air and at the same time in floating fish, rabbits and flowers. Fish with trees as a tail, birds part of the trees. And the moons, the main point of reference

where all the colors come alive by the contrasting clarity of the moon.

It seems that Carlos Bazan warned that not in heaven but on earth is where we find the richness of colors. So the contrast is not violent but narrative. All colors in one and one is all species.

Clearly, the logic of Carlos Bazan’s work has to do with impressions; they lead the eye by an ecosystem of colors which inner significance perhaps wants to tell us – indeed, much in the way of the view of life of the people from the very southern of Mexico – THAT ALL IS ONE.

Farzin Bijani

Bijani was born in Tehran, Iran in 1985. He woks predominantly in the medium of painting and photography. He completed a BA with distinction at the Maziyar University of Fine Art in Royan in 2009. Bijani has had solo shows in Tehran at Sarv and Roudaki Galleries; He also had a group show at Iran National Gallery, in 2006. He won the award for best portrait painters of the Kharazmi Festival Award in 2007.

Bijani loves to expresspeople’s emotions in his paintings; you can also see people kindness and friendship in his works. It is not a semi-nude woman’s body cause of his work beauty.

He do not paint a portrait to look like the subject, he rather does the person grow to look like his portrait.

Bijani moved to California two years ago where he has kept his ideas.

Cindy Chaubard

Cindy Chaubard is a French Artist born at Saint Etienne and raised in the south of France near the city of Toulouse nicknamed the “pink city” due to the color of its bricks. The architecture, colors, and lighting is what inspired Cindy in her paintings. In 2009, she met Fabienne Sénia who eventually became her mentor and Art teacher for 3 years at ‘’Atelier57’’.

Hit by a car during her young childhood, she grew up with a scar on her stomach that is very difficult for her to overcome. Painting allows her to sublime the human body by showing or hiding the parts she chooses. This paradox ‘’cache-cache” game in between modesty and provocation brings a deep, soft, and energetic touch to her paintings.

Cindy expresses herself through her paintings by using a variety of techniques and materials: paint, acrylic, oil pastel, markers … She utilizes the contrast between dark colors and neon colors as a provocation softened by the use of curls.

Vladimir Cora

A student of master painter Rufino Tamayo, Cora has risen to the heights of his teacher.

On Dec. 14 2000,  500 of his paintings were among 1,800 works displayed permanently at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles as part of the Bernard and Edith Lewin Latin American Art Galleries. The artists also included Tamayo, Jose Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. The permanent collection is the country’s largest of 20th-century Mexican art and worth $25 million.

Cora spent part of 1981 in Palm Springs where he met the Lewins through Tamayo, who was his mentor from 1979 until his passing in 1991.

The 49-year-old is self-taught, honing his skill in his hometown of Tecuala in the state of Nayarit, Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta. He spends most of the year in Mexico where he has his studio.

Terri Deskins

Contemporary & Abstract Artist

About: Terri Deskins is a self-taught contemporary and abstract artist. Much of her work includes experimenting with texture that makes you want to touch and explore what is there. She lives in a tranquil beach community in southern California with her husband and their three four-legged babies.

Artist statement:My art is the result of a thought or image, and rarely becomes what I originally thought it might be. Most times when I paint, it’s like giving birth, and each piece is unique and one of a kind.

Hugo Rivera Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA (current)
Nativa, La Jolla, CA (current)
Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA (June 2014, “Through My Eyes” exhibition)
Gallery 104, San Clemente, CA (November 2013 – May 2014)
Townley Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA (April, May 2014)
Salon 105, San Juan Capistrano, CA (current)
North Beach Art Walk, San Clemente, CA (November 2013) (current)
“Special Merit” in Light, Space & Time 2014 All Women Art Competition, March 2014 for “Earth” abstract painting.

Corbin Ferguson

Corbin Ferguson is a southern Californian painter who grew up in a family of artists from which he first drew inspiration.His work embodies a wide variety of influences and disciplines, which he has synthesized to develop a bold style and painterly language of his own. Corbin’s long-standing philosophical interests have lead him to explore and develop his own means of deconstruction to balance the worlds of realism and abstraction. Corbin is a current student at Laguna College of Art and design where he is earning his BFA in drawing and painting. His is work has been featured in three group exhibitions in the Orange County area where he lives and works.

Hallie Hart

Hallie Hart is an American born artist. Hart was raised in the blinding lights and busy streets of New York City.  Due to her edginess and unique ever-changing style, Hart has set herself apart from the norm.  She stayed predominantly focused through school, graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters in English Literature.  While excelling in writing, Hart felt magnetically drawn to painting, growing into an eclectic and accomplished artist, showing in several different mediums.  However, Hart has yet to reveal herself completely until now.

This fearless woman, world traveler, deep-sea diver, to mention a few, has faced many difficult challenges, but being a self-taught artist might have been one of the most monumental. Through hard work, an abundance of transfiguring and determination Hart has discovered her true artfulness and medium.  Hart, using her hands only to paint, channels emotions of the chaotic world around her, creating symbolic patterns and a language of her own through color.  Hart is quite independent-strong with endless ideas, incorporating a hundred different splatter and flicker techniques.  Living a life with no limits.  Hart has found her calling.


Jazzamoart was born with the name of Francisco Javier Vázques Estupiñán on May 28, 1951 in Irapuato, Guanajuato. He is one of seven children born to Rasaura Estupiñán and Javier Vázquez Farfán. He comes from a family of artists, having contact with art from a young age. He says his childhood home as a gathering place for artists and writers.His father is a painter and was his first teacher. His father recognized his talent and created a studio for him when he was only six. At age twelve, he created landscapes of the Bajío region and began to sell his work when he was still a minor. As a teen he exhibited his work at the Museo Nacional de Antropologíaand at an exhibition at Chapultepec CastleAgustín Yañez, the Secretary of Public Education, saw his work and offered a scholarship. He entered the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas in 1969 with Manuel Herrera Cartalla and Gilberto Aceves Navarro among his teachers.

His exposure to music began early as well. His grandfather owned the most luxurious salon in Irapuato called El Lujo. One peculiarity of the establishment was that all the barbers played an instrument such as banjos and clarinets giving him some of his first exposure to jazz. In the early 1960s, he once helped musician Freddy Marichal carrying his drums at a club called Fra Diavolo. He heard the music and was fascinated and began to draw musicians. He first began to call himself Jazzamoart at age 20, when he first began collecting jazz records and painting to them. The name is a fusion of the words “jazz,” “amo” (I love) and “art.” He is a serious collector of records, buying at least one every week for the last quarter century. The jazz collection is wide-ranging and current but his favorites are classics such as Charlie ParkerMiles DavisJohn Coltrane and Thelonious Monk. He is not a fan of New Orleans jazz saying that it is too mellow and lacks intensity. His obsession with jazz music is such that musicians often appear in his dreams, especially Charlie Parker.

In 1973, he married Nora Smith, who has since managed the business end of the art as well as the driving as Jazzamoart chooses not to learn. The couple have three children, Jazzamoart, Viart (“via”(life) and “art”) and Poettier (“poet” and “tier”(earth)). They also have one grandson, who is also named Jazzamoart. He lives in Mexico City, with his studio, father’s apartment and brother’s music studio across the street. His oldest son plays saxophone and has toured with bands in Latin America, the US and Europe.

Jazzamoart began his career selling paintings of generic scenes of Mexican life on the streets of Mexico City. Today he is a successful painter and sculptor but is better known for his painting.

He has had over 350 individual and collective exhibitions of his work on various continents. His first professional exhibition was in 1971 at the Centro Cultural Isidro Fabela in Mexico City. His first individual exhibition was in 1972 at the Centro Cultural San Ángel in Mexico City. During the rest of the 1970s he presented his first sculptures at ARCON Gallery in Mexico City (1976) and exhibited his work at the Tercer Espacio Gallery in Tampico, Juglar Gallery, El Agora Gallery in Mexico City (1976), Casa de la Paz in Mexico City (1977), Teatro Principal in Guanajuato and the Concurso de Pintura Dante Alighieri in Mexico City (1979).

In the 1980s, he exhibited at the Concurso National de Arte de INBA (1981, 1982, 1985), I Bienal Tamayo (1982), the Metropolitan Gallery of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, José María Velasco Gallery and Chapultepec Gallery (1983), Palacio de Bellas Artes(1984, 1986), Museo del Chopo and Ollin Yolliztli in Mexico City, Casa de Artes de Oaxaca(1984), Phoenix Art Museum, L’space Cardin Gallery in Paris, the Joan Miró Internactional Drawing Competition in Barcelona, and the Rufino Tamayo Museum (1985), I Biennal inCuenca, Ecuador, III Tamayo Biennial and I Biennial in Miami (1986), Bronx Museum of the Arts, Carrillo Gil Art Museum and San Carlos Museum in Mexico City (1987) and the Scott Alan Gallery (1988).[1][8]

In the 1990s, he exhibited at the Museo de Arte ModernoMuseo de la Estampa (1990), the Iturralde Gallery, the Los Angeles WTC, Contemporary Gallery in Mexico City (1991), Europalia Festival in Ostend, BelgiumITESM Campus Estado de México, the former Monastery of San Agustin in Zacatecas, the Palace of Iturbide in Mexico City, the Triennial of Osaka, Japan (1993), Belem Cultural Center in Lisbon, Centro México XXI in Mexico City, Fine Arts Institute in San José, Costa Rica (1994), Cineteca Nacional, José Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City (1995), Gallery Norske Grafikere in Oslo, Del Carmen Museum, Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros in Mexico City, Kerava Museum, Joenbuv Museum and Rovaniemi Museum in Helsinki, (1996) Pecannins Gallery, Kin Gallery in Mexico City, Casa de Cultura in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexican Cultural institute of Copenhagen, Do Brinquedo Museum in Portugal, Museum of the Americas in Denver (1997), Gallery Kyra Marlat in BerlinMuseum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California (1998), Casa de Diego Rivera in Guanajuato, San Ildefonso College and the SCHP Museum in Mexico City(1999).

In the 2000s, he exhibited at UNAMHospicio Cabañas in Guadalajara, MACAY Museum in Mérida, Rye Arts Center in New York,(2000) José Luis Cuevas Museum, Gallery of the International Airport in Mexico City, New Gallery Space in New York, Art in Context Gallery in Naples, Florida (2001), Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, Festival Internacional Cervantino, Lourdes Chumacero Gallery in Mexico City (2002), Mexico Institute in San Antonio and Washington DC, Marco Museum in Monterrey (2003), Manuel Felguérez Museum in Zacatecas, the Tlaxcala Art Museum, the Montreal International Jazz Festival (2004), Tour de la Bourse in Montreal, Hyogo Prefectural Museum in Kobe (2005), World Trade Center Mexico CityMexican Stock Exchange, ITESM-Irapuato, Castle Gallery in New York, Vismara Gallery in Italy (2006), Costumbrista Museum in Sonora, Raúl Anguiano Museum in Guadalajara, Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City (2007), North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, Espacio Cultural Metropolitano in Tampico, Vértice Gallery in Puerto Vallarta(2008), Laberinto Museum in San Luis Potosí and Torre Mayor in Mexico City.

In addition to exhibitions, he has done work related to the music industry, especially jazz artists. His visual works and stage settings have appeared with well-known jazz musicians. In 1981 he created the stage setting for the Jazz Festival at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City. In 1983 he created a performance piece with Alain Derbéz and Rockdrigo González at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City. In 1985 he joined the group Creative Processes working with Arnold BelkinJacobo BorgesEnrique BostelmannTeresa MoránLuis ArgudínAndrés de Luna, Enrique Estrada and Carlos Montemayor. In 1992, he created the set for the International Festival of Jazz at the Auditorio Nacional. In 1989 he worked with Alain Derbéz, Evodio Escalante and Ariel Guzik to edit an album called “La Cocina, Música para Bailar.” In 1999 his art is on pianist Olivia Revueltas’ CD called “Round Midnight in LA”. In 2004, he collaborated on the CD “Sonora Onosón with Alain Derbéz, Iraida NoriegaGerardo BátizJuan Christóbal Pérez Grobet and others. He painted the scenery for a 2005 concert by musician Arturo Cipriano in the Zocalo of Mexico City. In 2008 he designed the scenery of the Festival Nacional de Jazz en Auditoro Nezahualcoyotl at UNAM.

He has done a number of monumental works, mostly sculpture. In 1989 he painted a 360 m2 mural at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. In 1992 he created a monumental sculpture sponsored by art collector Francisco Servin. In 1995, he created a monumental sculpture in West Hollywood, California. In 2003, he collaborated with sculptor Sebastián on monumental pieces for the Corridor Chactemal in Quintana Roo and the Juan Soriano Sculptural Garden in Colima. In 2004, he created a totem pole in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec.

Other kinds of artistic projects have included creating a giant Judas figure at the Centro Cultural San Angel in Mexico City in 1995, creating the stations of the cross at the San Vicente Ferrer parish in Mexico City and working with Talavera de la Reyna in Puebla in 2003, designing the prize for the Mexico Jazz Festival in 2005, creating an interactive sculpture for the Papalote Children’s Museum, and creating the commemorative design for the 60th anniversary of the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México in 2006.

He has received over twenty national and international awards. These include the International Drawing Prize Joan Miró in Barcelona (1985), grand prize at the I Biennial of Miami (1986), Salón Nacional de Pintura prize (1987), grand prize of the VI Festival del Centro Histórico in Mexico City (1990), San Juan Bautista Medal from the Universidad de La Salle in Mexico City (1999), Cangrejo de Oro from the city of Tampico (2002), Key to the City and the Silver Gardina from the state of Nayarit (2004), first prize for painting at the International Art Contest in Australia (2005) and first prize at the Artelista Contest in Barcelona, Spain (2006).

Other recognitions include membership in the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte from 1993 to 2000, as well as membership in the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana. In 1991, José Alfredo Botaya filmed a documentary about the artist and in 2000, musician Francisco Téllez composed a series based on Jazzamoart’s work. In 2009, the city of Irapuato opened the Jazzamoart Gallery and La Rana Editorial publishes a book of his art called “Jazzamaoart” with texts by Carlos Montemayor and Jorge Juanes. His work can be found as part of the collection of the Museum of Latin American Art in Los Angeles

Shelly Jones

Shelly Jones Bio

Shelly Jones’s love affair and passion for color started at a young age when she decided bright yellow and orange were her favorite colors.  It seemed that putting her beloved orange next to anything always seemed to make everything feel just a little bit happier.  This addiction to what she calls “happy colors” tends to dictate the direction and palette she chooses for the majority of her contemporary, abstract paintings.

With her father in the oil industry, Shelly spent most of her childhood traveling with her family, and living in Canada, California, Malaysia and Texas, always happy to make new friends quickly and appreciating the beauty and diversity of the ever-changing environments around her. Shelly embraces a joie-de-vivre attitude and learned early on in life that splendor takes infinite forms. This joyful perspective fuels her artistic decisions with color, technique, and subject choices, whether she is painting sea life, spiritual works, or unique, abstract pieces.


  • Hugo Rivera Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA (Present)
  • Merage Jewish Community Center of Orange County – Irvine, CA (2012)
  • Moge Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA (2000)

Beata Kardewicz

Beata Kardewicz, a native of Poland, from her early childhood was fascinated equally with visual arts and music. In age of 13 she was already experimenting with oil painting and other medias, she had her first exhibition at age of 17. In 2005 she became a certified iconographer. She pursued her education in music with full scholarship, violin performance, at California State University Fullerton. While studying her Master’s degree in music, she was equally passionate about improving and expanding her knowledge in oil painting and drawing techniques. She studied with artists like Derren Hostetter and Debra Davidson. Oil painting and dry pastels became her favorite medias. She illustrated her own violin book for young children that was published in Nov of 2013. As a successful visual artist she exhibited her art works at La Sierra University (solo Exhibition), Santa Ana College Gallery, Fullerton College Gallery, Orange County Center of Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, Annual Art Exhibition by Polish American Society in Las Vegas, Irvine Civic Center Plaza among many others.

Both arts, music and painting, were very strongly connected in Kardewicz’s live and that can be seen in her painting collection and style. She likes to call herself as an abstract landscape painter. She is not only inspired landscape painters like Monet and Turner but also by impressionistic music by Debussy and Ravel. You can notice in her paintings a  fluidity of impressionistic harmony, delicate tones, wave like strokes and a constant pursuit to capture the “moment in motion” on the canvas.

Terri Leo

I’m always on the look out for the perfect light. I think it will be a life long endeavor.

The world around me becomes a steady flow of inspiration–highlighting Gods Awesome Universe!

I was first exposed to photography on the other side of the camera, as a model.

I had the privilege of working and traveling around the world with some of the mosticonic

photographers of our time. Learning from the best…taking lots of photographs—honing my own style.

My body of work is an extension of my heart…timeless, in this moment.

Marlow Mar

Romantic Realism Master artist Marlow Mar exhibits his works every year in Museum Louvre, Paris , France. He is a honorable member of National French Fine Art  Society. He also listed in Cambridge International  Who’s Who; Global  Who’s Who; Kipling international Who’s Who; American Who’s Who; Chinese Celebrity Dictionary; Chinese Famous Artist Catalogue, etc.  he often auction out his works in international auctions.

Marlow Mar has painted and studied art for over 36 years. He has  developed his unique style. He paints on silk with mixed media including oil, acrylic, water colors, silk colors, Chinese colors,  water inks & pastels. He paints to create atmosphere of romantics  and feelings of dreaming and mystery .
Collectors of his works including US President Clinton; Philippines President General Ramos,  Singapore President Nathan, Japan Airlines, Xerox, Art Museums.


Melineh’s  passion for art began at an early age as she experimented with different forms of art.

Soon it was clear to those around her that she was gifted. When she started painting and studying art she had a very strong imagination even as a child and could depict stories of her own.

During her years painting as a young girl and wanting to learn form, texture and color she attended private art courses with the famous Persian master painter and art expert Javadipour in Tehran Iran, it was there, where Javadipour  discovered her unique ability to create, and began training her.

After graduating from high school, Melineh attended one of Tehran’s finest universities, The  Azad University of Art and Architecture, where she studied Graphic  design. It was during and after this period that she worked as a graphic designer, while she continued  to paint in her spare time. Inspired by great masters like Salvador Dali and other surreal artists, Melineh began experimenting and creating her own individualized style and technique of painting.

Melineh’s passion for music is often seen in her art as she believes everything is in motion and change is inevitable, as is exhibited in her artwork. She feels that painting is the best way she can express herself , as her artwork is a bridge to the connection, between her and her human beings.

Melineh’s art is part of a larger movement toward traditionalism and spiritualism. She believes art has the power to transform and uplift the human spirit.  And when people experience a physical (sight), emotional (spiritual), and intellectual (message) transformation through her art, they are inspired to take the steps necessary for their own transformation.

Her recent works reflect celebration of life, love, and being protected by guardian angels, she believes that her art should bring joy, happiness, and protection to each individual that makes that deep connection with her art.

Her work has been exhibited at the Brand Library (los Angeles),  Harvest Gallery (los Angeles), fundraisers and private art shows, including a recent successful show displaying her most recent collection. Melineh was also the recipient of the Professional Artist award from her recent participation at the international Art Business symposium , which was held in Grand Rapids, MI.

Manuel Nunez

Art Center College of Design 1979
Teaching Career
Otis College of Art and Design 1981
Art Center College of Design 1988

Fashion Illustration Career 1981 – 1993
Fine Art Career 1992 – present
 Svenson Fine Art Laguna Beach – 2010
 Michael Wolf Fine Art San Diego – 1998
 Rembrandt Fine Art Portland – 1997
 Galleria di Sorrento Las Vegas – 1996
 Just Looking Gallery San Luis Obispo – 1995, 2004, 2007
 Exclusive Collections San Diego – 1994, 1997, 2001
 Angel’s Gate San Pedro – 1994
 Richardson Fine Art Reno – 1993
 Tamara Bane Beverly Hills – 1992

Press: Daeida Magazine

Alexandrina Owens

Alexandrina Owens  was born and raised in Petrosani, Romania a small town in the heart of the Carpathian mountains. Growing up she loved being close to the mountains making a strong connection with nature. At 19 her love for the mountains brought her to Vail Colorado where she started her new adventure in the American lifestyle. The beauty of nature in that area sparked her interest in photography and painting.

In 2006 she moved to California and started her education at Orange Coast College photography department. Shortly after graduating she pursued her career as a photographer as well as  experimenting with mixed media and painting. During her experiments she discovered  a new love for color and texture and felt a stronger connection with painting. She loves to apply the paint in multiple layers seeing the painting coming alive, learning something  new about herself with each new layer.

Alexandrina loves to challenge herself, evolving her style she never stops coming up with new ideas and projects to develop.

Ping Ping-Chen

Ping ping Chen is versed in watercolors, water- inks and oil paintings,  specially in the unique silk painting. Her art is a fusion of Orient and Occident stile with  brilliant colors and full of graceful feeling. Her works have been collected by the American National Museum. Taiwan Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial hall, Los Angeles Chinese Culture Center ll, Beijing Construction Company and international collectors.

Oversea American Chinese Ping Ping Chen is versatile with profound talent for music and art. She has won the title of Miss China in Beauty Pageant. She has hosted “youth of Nowadays” program in Taiwan TV Channel Station and Hosted  “Ping Ping Chen’s Time” program in Fu-Hsing Broadcasting Company.

Alejandra Rivero

Alejandra was born in Buenos Aires Argentina. As a child she was always interested in the arts. Participating in after school programs, she found interest in painting and drawing. During summer vacation she attended private art classes that her parents supported despite their financial difficulties. After immigrating to the United States she participated in an Advanced Placement art program in high school, earning college units toward her Art degree. Currently, Alejandra is continuing her college education in graphic design, experimenting with different media such as photography, prints, acrylic on wood, and collages with multidimensional objects in a surrealism style. Her inspirational work reflects her emotions and life experience. Currently she is participating in a variety of shows and galleries in the Los Angeles area.

Adrian Rodriguez

Adrian Rodriguez was born in Acaponeta, Nayarit Mexico and currently resides in Santa Ana CA. For many years he was a truck driver but it wasn’t until a serious accident that he decided to follow the foot steps of his well know uncle Vladimir Cora.

“I’m thankful to found my passion. It is a huge privilege to be able to create each of my paintings and sculptures”

Hadden Spotts

Hadden began painting as a young child in North East Arkansas and has always sensed some kind of release from seeing how colors bounced off of each other. Hadden loved experimenting with colors and new color combinations! As Hadden grew into her teenage years, she painted on canvas with acrylics because they dried faster than oils. Her anxious personality refused to wait on an oil painting to dry before doing another layer!

Hadden says that she wishes she could explain the energy she gets from painting and has seen that energy grow more intensely over the years. Hadden’s environment has played a huge role in her artistic development, particularly her love affair with water. Whether it was a fishing trip, water skiing or skipping rocks, her attention was drawn to how water made everything special: colors were brighter, her perception of objects clearer and she was hooked!  Most everything Hadden paints on canvas is inspired by water both from her childhood to present day.

Living near the ocean for the past year has amplified Hadden’s inspiration for recreating this passion that she has for the great outdoors. The California coast has given birth to new ideas that Hadden cannot get on canvas fast enough! The ocean and the surroundings have given Hadden endless hours of painting where she feels as if she’s been frozen in time.

“Art is food for my soul”, Hadden says with a giant smile. “I have been blessed to do what I love and certainly don’t take anything for granted!”

Marcel Schreur

Marcel Schreur is a skill based visual artist that favours the medium of paint. He is self-taught and started out from nowhere by painting vibrant landscapes that have been labelled post-impressionist by critics. However, since then he has used his unique painting technique and use of colour to tackle portraits and more conceptual work with equal vigour, consequently breaking free from this initial labelling. If anything, Marcel is a pure expressionist as his extensive life experience never fails to play out on whatever canvas he chooses and heavily affect the viewer. Pigeon-holing aside, Marcel has won numerous international prizes as well as being represented by a successful London based gallery. All of this is somewhat inconsequential to a painter who creates largely to affect positive societal, if not humanitarian, change underpinned by his mantra: “Life Is Beautiful, Always”.

“I wish for my art to create a universe from a viewpoint of peace and tranquillity. I intend for my works to be expressive and passionate while delicate in shape and composition. I very much like to work with colours and spend quality time on the execution but also on the concepts that I am trying to communicate eloquently. I believe that my work can be defined as “Art of the Mind” but also as “Art of the Spirit”, touching upon ideas and sentiments that are important and too often neglected. I like my paintings to be able to speak to and intrigue the viewer” – this is how Marcel describes the concepts behind his creations and his relationship to painting.
Dutch born, artist Marcel Schreur, now living and working in London, is a self-taught expressionist whose work is redolent of Vincent van Gogh in style and executed with immense texture and a multi-coloured palette. He participated in the Chianciano International Art Awards 2012, winning the European Confederation of Art Critics Award and also received a special mention for artistic merit at the London Art Biennale 2013.
In 2015, Marcel saw his art taking off globally which exhibitions in Koyto, New York, and Rome, amongst others. In June, he visited the Vatican and presented a portrait of Pope Francis and two abstract paintings to the Pontiff. In September, he took part at the Chianciano Biennale in the Tuscany. In October he will have three works exihbited during the United Nations Global Forum on Migration and Development and a solo exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey.
tel. no. 0044 7772321772